Building affordable, quality, happy homes. Manufactured offsite in Cornwall, England.



Our Homes

Modular Housing - Precision Homes

Precision Homes provide the next generation in housing, redefined by the implementation of ‘Modern Methods of Construction’. Our team and our partners have worked tirelessly to design and engineer an adaptable modularised solution that is driven by quality and efficiency. Designed from the ground up, Precision Homes is a realisation of tomorrows housing solutions.

Steel Superstructure

Precision Homes Steel Frame Modular Super Structure

We aim to provide high quality housing, built offsite, eliminating many of the common problems associated with traditional on-site construction. We aim to create happy, low maintenance homes that perform beyond expectation. We understand the importance of home, a place where memories are born, new beginnings are nurtured, and moments are cherished.

Why Offsite?

Precision Homes Offsite Construction

Everything about our cutting edge design was created to simplify the construction and development process, ultimately increasing the speed of development programmes, providing minimal disruption on site, reducing waste and improving quality assurance. Effortless after-care and low maintenance is a key factor in the design of Precision Homes.


“We believe our technology has the potential to combat the housing crisis in Cornwall, our company ethos is to show a sense of corporate and social responsibility by building high quality family homes at affordable prices. ”